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Bigger and better. That's FK Irons’ PowerBolt Plus Battery Pack. With all the greatness of the PowerBolt Battery Pack, you'll have more time on your side. The Plus offers up to 15 hours of power, along with intuitive voltage control for a user-friendly experience, & Bluetooth compatibility. Made for Flux and EXO models, the PowerBolt Plus attaches and detaches with just a quick quarter-turn. The PowerBolt Plus Battery Pack was created based on the technology used for the wireless Killswitch and Powerbolt+ bundle.

• Up-to 15 hours* of runtime
• Compatible with Flux and EXO
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Wireless Killswitch compatibility
• USB-C fast charging
• Intuitive interface
• Expand features with app
• Siri voice control
• Firmware upgrade
• Easy eGive control
• Range of voltage increment 0.1 or 0.5v
• LED intensity control
*depending on voltage
Tech Specs
• Output Voltage: 5-12V
• Increment/decrement voltage interval: 0.5 and 0.1V
• Maximum output current: 1 A
• Charger Input: USB-C
• Dimensions (Ø X H): Ø30 X H72
• Weight: 85g (3 oz)
• Battery Life: 15 Hours

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