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From the folks who brought the almighty Flux comes the next best thing -- FK Irons' EXO. This modular tattoo machine boasts the same magnificent motor as the Flux... but with even more. Equipped to be used with the RCA module and RCA module or the Hover to be used with eGive, the EXO has some added bennies. With just a quarter turn, the RCA module can be swapped out with the PowerBolt battery pack to be used wirelessly, giving the artist the option to seamlessly switch power sources. Two sources are better than one. And this is what you'll get with the EXO:
The RCA module with RCA cable and traditional power supply
PowerBolt battery pack for up to 10 hours of wireless tattooing
Choose between cable or cordless. It is available with 4.0mm stroke.
Another iteration of this upgraded machine is the larger 40mm grip to lighten the load on the artist's hand. Did we mention it's forward-weighted to assist the artist with downward needle pressure.
With the EXO, eGive can be used with the RCA module, RCA cable & Hover, or used wirelessly with the Powerbolt and the Darklab app.
The fast facts about the EXO:
FK Irons' first modular machine
Available in 2.5mm, 3.2mm, or 4.0mm stroke options (non-interchangeable)
40mm ergonomic wide grip
Forward weighted, assisting the artist with downward needle pressure
9-watt brushless motor
Reverse polarity protection in the RCA module for motor safety
Can be used wired or wireless (with the Powerbolt set)
Great for lining, color packing, & solid color works
Requires sess passes to saturate ink, reducing skin trauma
6.8 ounces, 189 grams
eGive ready, via Hover and RCA cable or wireless Powerbolt and Darklab app
Compatible with most standard membrane cartridges
NOT compatible with the Killswitch

Due to cross contamination issues we do not accept returns. All machine sales are final. We do, however, guarantee all of our machines.

Each machine comes with a 1-year manufacture warranty. If you experience any type of problem with an FK Irons machine, please visit our Repairs page. We will work with you to troubleshoot and fix any issues.

We will also work with you to set up your machine and accessories should you have any questions or concerns about your purchase.

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