Blackwing Artist Series A5 Slate #2 - Andrea Sorrentino & Jeff Lemire Sketch Book

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The collaboration with artists Andrea Sorrentino and Jeff Lemire has resulted in the creation of a limited edition Blackwing Artist Series Slate Notebook, featuring an illustration from their series, the Bone Orchard Mythos. This A5 notebook is a fusion of artistic vision and functional design, making it a sought-after item for fans of Sorrentino and Lemire's work.

Key features of the Blackwing Artist Series Slate Notebook include:

  1. Original Illustration: The notebook showcases an illustration from the Bone Orchard Mythos, providing fans with a unique and collectible piece of art.

  2. Page Quality: With 160 pages of 100 GSM blank paper, the notebook offers a high-quality surface suitable for a variety of artistic expressions, from sketching to writing.

  3. Lay-Flat Binding: The signature lay-flat binding enhances usability, allowing for a seamless creative experience across each page.

  4. Matte Cover: The notebook features a matte cover, providing both durability and an elegant aesthetic.

  5. Pencil Holster: Practicality meets design with the inclusion of a pencil holster, offering a dedicated space for your writing instrument.

  6. Exclusive Artist Series Pencil: The notebook comes with an exclusive Artist Series pencil equipped with Blackwing's balanced graphite core. This ensures a smooth and consistent writing or drawing experience.

Andrea Sorrentino, an Eisner Award-winning comic artist, and Jeff Lemire, an Eisner Award-winning comic artist and writer, have co-created the Bone Orchard Mythos. For those interested in exploring more of their works, Andrea Sorrentino can be found on Instagram at @andreasorrentinoart and on Twitter at @and_sorrentino. Jeff Lemire is available on Instagram at @jefflemire and on Twitter with the handle @jefflemire.

This limited edition collaboration not only serves as a functional and aesthetically pleasing notebook but also offers fans the opportunity to connect with the artistic universe created by Sorrentino and Lemire in the Bone Orchard Mythos.

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