Alpha Betts 6-Piece Skin Marker Set

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Marks the spots. AlphaBetts 6-Piece Skin Marker Set features high-quality markers that create breathtaking tattoos. Regardless of where on the body the work is being performed, these BJ Betts-developed markers get the job done. The foundation markers (light blue and orange) set the form, fit and flow. They go off the skin just as easily as they go on. With a brush tip and bullet tip, the foundation markers get the tattoo off to a great start. They’re followed by the base markers (red and green). These semi-permanent, alcohol-based pens refine drawings into polished designs. Once the foundation is removed, the clean base layer is laid down. Finally, lock and load with the violet stencil layer. Seal the deal with the final step of a process that works every bit as effectively as using stencil paper.

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