Saniderm Aftercare Roll 6" x 8 yd.



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Happy customer. Happy life. Ensure the best end results possible with 6" by 8 yds. Saniderm Aftercare Roll. Used to create a safe barrier around new tattoos, this Saniderm product protects the skin from dust, moisture, bacteria & other external irritants. This clear tattoo tape is both waterproof and breathable which guarantees that the skin receives the airflow needed to heal and remain free of sweat. With Saniderm’s tattoo wrap, specifically designed for tattoo aftercare, tattoos heal safely and look like the masterpieces they are. Saniderm has you covered from back to arms to legs. Any part of the body, large or small.
1 sealed, sterile 6 inch x 8 yd Saniderm wound care roll
Protects tattoos from bumps or accidental rubbing
Comes sealed in sterile packaging
Product Information:
Each Unit Count: 1
Size: 4" x 8 yds.
Manufacturer part Number: Saniderm 6 IN ROLL
Color: Transparent
No expiration

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