Recovery Saline Wash 1.5 oz.

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So fresh and so clean, clean. That's what 1.5 Oz. Recovery Saline Wash will get you. This aftercare saline wash spray was developed to soothe, refresh, and clean piercings -- both new and old. Use on skin to remove dirt from affected areas. It encourages recovery and maintenance in the most healthy, hygenic, and healing fashion. Safe for the environment, this wash is vegan and all-natural, free of CFCs, drugs, preservatives, or additives. Spray your way to a clean and healthy piercing.

1.5 oz
100% Saline Wash, Pure
Soothing and gentle; spray onto the skin
Vegan- and environmentally-friendly;
Preservative and drug-free
Made in a recyclable 99.5% aluminum can
Easy application with 360° spray dispenser
Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination

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