Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Black Drive/Cable/Adapter

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The HAWK Spirit comes without a grip and can be customized with HAWK Grips in two different sizes S - 22,0 mm and M - 25,4 mm or the SOL Grips in S - 22,4 mm, M - 25,4 mm and L - 33,0 mm.

We recommend using Cheyenne Cartridges with the patented Safety Membrane to avoid the backflow of fluids into the tattoo machine.
A Start-Up Cable may be required to use the HAWK Spirit with tattoo power supplies from other manufacturers.

Technical details:
Stroke: 2,5 mm
Needle depth: 0 - 4,0 mm
Motor: DC motor
Frequency: 70 - 160 Hz
Voltage: 6 - 12,6 V
Power Input: 2,5 W
Connection: 3,5 mm protected jack connector
Dimensions: Ø 29 mm x 110 mm x 77 mm (with grip)
Weight: 90 g (without grip)
Manufactured according to medical standard: ISO 13485
Made in Germany

Includes:1 Cheyenne HAWK Spirit
1 Handpiece cable
1 Cable adapter (6.3 mm jack to 3.5 mm socket)


The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit is a legend. This tattoo machine is very robust, while being also lightweight and flexible. Its high speed and technical precision guarantees smooth operation at the best performance. The precision DC motor of the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit runs quietly and produces a low vibration. This tattoo machine operates in Responsive Mode, which offers reactive hit and stitch frequency. The HAWK Spirit is available in 5 colors.
Due to its 2,5 mm stroke and increased power, the HAWK Spirit is a great tattoo machine for soft shading and filling.

The HAWK Spirit comes with a 24-month warranty.

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