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Convenience is key, and the FK Irons extra PowerBolt Wireless Battery back offers just that. A detachable battery, it can be seamlessly plugged into the FK's Flux Rotary Tattoo Machine to give it an instant jolt. With a lightning-fast speed of up to 1.5 amps, it provides up to 10 hours of additional power. Time varies based on voltage settings and cartridge needles. One intriguing feature of the PowerBolt is a switch that enables the user to switch the battery off during downtime, reserving power for later. Resume power with the USB cable.
Color -- Stealth Black. Available in Bubblegum Pink and Black Ops
Used with Flux Rotary Tattoo Machine
Easily adjustable voltage; half increment and decrement adjustments
Made with LED indicators for battery life and voltage
Comes with a killswitch feature to power battery down
Equipped with a USB-C Li-Ion battery for dynamic power path management
Charges up to 1.5 Amps with Darklab USB power units
Detachable and can be switched with an auxiliary battery
Compatible with wireless footswitch (purchased separately)
Bluetooth enabled and can be paired with upcoming mobile app to unlock special features and update firmware
Firmware updates prevent battery pack from becoming obsolete; will be compatible with future wireless devices
**Machine Not Included**

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