Blackwing Artist Series A5 Slate#3 - Florian Bertmer Sketch Book

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The collaboration with artist Florian Bertmer has resulted in the creation of a limited edition Blackwing Artist Series Slate Notebook, showcasing an original illustration by the renowned German illustrator. This A5 notebook is not only a canvas for creativity but also a collector's item for fans of Bertmer's distinctive style.

Key features of the Blackwing Artist Series Slate Notebook include:

  1. Original Illustration: The notebook boasts an original illustration by Florian Bertmer, adding an artistic and unique touch to each piece.

  2. Page Quality: With 160 pages of 100 GSM blank paper, the notebook provides a high-quality surface for various artistic endeavors, from sketching to writing.

  3. Lay-Flat Binding: The signature lay-flat binding ensures convenience and ease of use, allowing for a seamless creative experience across each page.

  4. Matte Cover: The notebook features a matte cover, adding a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

  5. Pencil Holster: Designed with practicality in mind, the notebook includes a pencil holster, providing a dedicated space for your writing instrument.

  6. Exclusive Artist Series Pencil: As an extra bonus, the notebook comes with an exclusive Artist Series pencil. This pencil is equipped with Blackwing's balanced graphite core, promising a smooth and consistent writing or drawing experience.

Florian Bertmer's background in the hardcore punk and metal scene, along with his contributions to iconic bands, films, and pop-culture institutions, adds a unique flavor to this collaboration. For those interested in exploring more of Bertmer's works, his Instagram handle is @florianbertmer, and his official website is

Overall, the Blackwing Artist Series Slate Notebook is not just a functional tool but a piece of art in itself, offering a blend of practicality and creative inspiration.

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